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Chemical Name: VARDENAFIL (var-DEN-a-fil)

Levitra is used to treat men who have erectile dysfunction (also called sexual impotence).

A general Levitra dosage in 10 mg, taken orally, as need, roughly one hour before sexual activity. As per the doctors recommendations the dosage can be increased to a maximum of Levitra 20mg or decreased to 5 mg based on the side effects and efficacy.

With Or Without Food?

Levitra can be taken with our without food.

How long does levitra last?

Levitra lasts a little longer than Viagra at between 4 to 6 hours.

Levitra vs Viagra

The main difference between Levitra and Viagra is that Levitra tends to be less affected by alcohol and food and therefore can be taken with meals. Additionally Levitra tends to last longer than Viagra. Some also say that Levitra is more effective in diabetics than other erectile dysfunction medicines.

Levitra Cost

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Side Effects

Levitra Side Effects

Some Levitra side effects that may occur while taking this medication include:

  • feeling of warmth and redness of the face
  • flushing (neck, arms and occasionally upper chest
  • sneezing and stuffy nose
  • headache
  • upset stomach
  • heartburn
  • back pain
  • nausea
IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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